Celine Dion Weight Loss

Recently, Celine Dion gave an extensive interview on the Oprah Winfrey show to promote her latest weight loss campaign. In the talk, she spoke about her desire to be a healthier person not only for herself but for her fans as well. She also revealed that her campaign is in partnership with the Weight Watchers organization and encourages women to become more active. Her comments came during a discussion on her recent wedding trip to Miami with fiance Carl Thomas, where she shared some interesting facts about her personal and professional life.


Celine Dion spoke about the pressures of being a mother as a single parent and as an actress. The mother of two mentioned that she made the decision to go on a diet and lose weight after suffering with bulimia for years. She shared that she has always been healthy, but did have trouble losing weight in the past. She credited the Weight Watchers program with helping her get back on track and being able to maintain her figure once she had lost it. She admitted that she does spend some time shopping for bargains at her local mall and that her husband, singer Carl Thomas, helps her with meal planning and cooking.

Celine Dion talked about her upcoming engagement to hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and revealed that the relationship is off the record at the moment. She admitted that she is still very much a fan of his music and that she would like to meet him one day in order to be close to him. She also discussed her upcoming memoir/cookbook and confirmed that she will be releasing a cookbook entitled ”Slimmer Girl” in late spring or early summer. She teased that readers will be surprised by her recipes and by the fact that she will be working with some of her favorite celebrities when she shares her new project.

The singer said she would like to dispel any rumors about her weight loss and that she eats healthy and does not engage in any extreme eating routines. She insisted that she does not read the newspapers or listen to gossip magazines because she is tired of the speculations and rumors that are circulating about her. She admitted that she has always felt attractive but that in these days, being sexy has become more important than ever. Celine Dion has long been criticized for her weight and her appearance, but she repeatedly said that she has nothing to worry about regarding her appearance.

Celine Dion said that since she has started to lose weight, she feels much better about her body type and she is healthier as a result. However, she admitted that losing weight can be hard especially since she eats so many healthy foods. She confessed that she has to give up junk food and that she has to be more careful about what she eats in the future. She stressed the importance of eating vegetables and fruits over other food types in her diet and she stressed the importance of water intake. Celine Dion was also asked about her favorite foods and she responded that she loves ice cream, candies and chocolates. She mentioned that she is trying to keep herself from consuming too much sugar because sugar can make you gain weight easily.

When asked about her exercises, Celine Dion responded that she does not really do much dancing anymore because dancing usually requires so much energy and calories. Celine Dion was also asked about her workouts and she responded with an interesting explanation. She said that she does not really work out because at home she already has so much music that it is hard to go outside and do extra exercise. Instead, she does cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, walking and riding the stationary bike at home. When asked about the hardest part of her workouts, Dion responded that it is definitely the cardio parts where she will have to pedal very fast and repeatedly in order to burn calories. Celine Dion was lastly asked about her favorite kind of workout, and she responded with a very interesting answer.

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