Instgram Videos And Weight Loss Programs

The most recent addition to the ever-growing celebrity family of Celine Dion has been the launch of her own personal weight loss brand. The Heart Plus launched by the super-hot actress is focused on fitness and wellness. The brand is focused on creating products that are tailored to women’s specific needs. Celine Dion has proven that she is passionate about her career and continues to stay active even as she ages.

When Celine Dion released her first official weight-loss video, she was met with both positive and negative comments. Many fans expressed their excitement at the opportunity to see Celine shed those extra pounds, while others were critical of her decision to market slimming drinks to teenage girls. Celine Dion then took to social media to address the responses she received. She addressed her comments directly on Twitter, writing ”You know what? I don’t have any answers for you. I’m going to do what I do best & that’s show u the most amazing girls that love to be sexy, sultry and beautiful and you will see the results soon”.

The Heart Plus by Celine Dion is meant to help women who are not only looking to slim down but also to prevent the onset of arthritis and cancer. The brand promises that the ingredients in the Heart Plus will make you feel physically and emotionally healthier and that your life will become happier and more fulfilling. According to Celine, the heart and metabolism boosters in the product will increase your fat-burning ability, improve your energy levels, fight off hunger, improve your thyroid gland functions, reduce your cholesterol levels, helps prevent cancer and will literally make you a ”slimmer body”. The company says that the formulation contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that when combined, work together to promote the natural process of fat loss, increase energy, prevent aging and prevent illness. It is obvious that this product is to be used in tandem with an individualized weight loss plan and should not be used as a stand-alone product.

Celine Dion herself has become a brand ambassador for this weight loss supplement and it was evident from her Instagram feed that she uses the product regularly. Her Instagram page shows her at different times of the day with a wide variety of products including the T-shirt and body shamers. It does not look like she is alone promoting these products and many of her followers are actually customers of Celine Dion Supplements.

In the video, Celine Dion speaks candidly about her personal experience with losing weight and she explains how she used social networking sites as well as traditional media to achieve her goals. For instance, she says that she lost weight while singing in New York and her husband was not at home during that time, but he paid her to go anyway and it worked out great for both of them. She further discloses that she also went on a diet while on her movie audition but did not let on that she was using weight-loss products to help her achieve the look that was required of her in the role she was playing. The Instgram videos are definitely entertaining but it is clear that Celine Dion herself is not the only person benefiting from this weight-loss program.

If the premise of this weight loss instructional film was not for Celine Dion to use her personal experience to promote her own products then it would have been a very odd video considering the fact that ballet dancers are one of the most successful anorexics in the world and it is rare that you will see a successful ballet dancer confessing their difficulties. This makes Celine Dion’s endorsement all the more powerful because she is helping people that are battling with their weight issues to overcome their problems through a very relatable medium. Although she admitted that she uses the Instagram feed to communicate with her millions of followers and even encourages them to purchase the products that she promotes, this is not a marketing gimmick for Celine and it does not mean that the Instgram videos are some sort of pay-for-access program where Celine Dion can demand all of the sales revenue generated from the use of these videos. The fact remains that Celine Dion has managed to create a stir amongst her millions of followers by making a personal video and doing so while doing something that not many people do, the dance form of dancing.

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