Before and After Weight Loss

Rachael Ray Weight Loss DVD is the most talked about ladies body and fitness program on television today. The program has been featured on numerous TV shows including Oprah and CNN. Rachael Ray Weight Loss is designed to help you lose weight quickly without expensive surgery or other costly weight loss aids. This program provides great easy to follow weight loss tips that have been proven to work.


The main concept of Rachael Ray Weight Loss is that the diet and exercise she promotes are designed to speed up the metabolism so that your body burns more calories, which results in quick weight loss. The DVD includes detailed instructions on how to create a diet plan customized to your needs. Each week, new helpful tips and recipes are provided in the Rachael Ray Weight Loss cookbooks that provide easy solutions to common diet problems. In addition to the cookbooks, there are DVDs that feature Rachael Ray and her famous friend, celebrity friend, actress Debra Wilson. These DVDs provide valuable information and motivation regarding proper nutrition, healthy snacks and portion control.

Each week, a new cookbook is released that will introduce new delicious and nutritious recipes. A total of fourteen cookbooks are included in the package as well as many useful tips about shopping and meal planning. In addition, there are two snack recipes each week. Each snack consists of one of the following: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a fruit salad, a chocolate chip cookie recipe, or a cereal bar. Each cookbook also includes a grocery list and suggested shopping lists. The Rachael ray weight loss cookbook and DVDs are recommended for individuals over the age of twenty-five years old, however children may have difficulty understanding some of the language.

One of the greatest attractions of this weight loss program is the professional behind it. Ms. Ray has been an avid lover of cooking and fitness for most of her life. Through countless hours of private practice, she developed many recipes that have become popular among people all over the world. These recipes have helped countless people lose weight and get in shape.

When it comes to healthy eating and creating a diet that works, nothing is better than watching Chef Rachael Ray performs her show on television. This woman takes cooking to a whole new level by introducing a healthier way of eating and even providing the viewer with a few 30 minute meals that she uses at her shows. This healthy lifestyle includes eating fruits and vegetables instead of junk foods, drinking water throughout the day, and incorporating protein into the diet. Although it is always good to begin a new diet with the help of a professional, it is often helpful to make simple changes that can be made by anyone.

No matter what you want to know about this program, it is important to remember that it is not about eating anything that is unhealthy. No matter what you might be tempted to do or what your favorite television shows may tell you, this is not a program about how to eat like a caveman and only eat meat. Although the first episode is impressive, it does not compare to the before and after shots showing how Rachael Ray managed to lose the weight she gained through her own talent as a chef and her enthusiasm for healthy living. Her unique brand of humor is one that will make you feel good about yourself when you realize how much she helped those around her to achieve their health goals. If you are serious about weight loss before and after, you may want to consider watching this famous chef on television for a few minutes.

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