How to Get Rich by Rich Riches – The Rick Ross Weight Loss Diet

In rapper Rick Ross’ case, it required two seizures to gain his attention. So what’s the importance of pills, big steak dinners, and an expensive private plane if all you’re having is a seizure? Very little.

However, you don’t have to be rich to use the tips in the Rick Ross weight loss journey ebook. The basic premise behind the book is that you have to have a strong will and determination in order to succeed. It’s a good thing that Ross can afford to eat whatever he wants because his mansion has a wonderful catering staff. In fact, the catering service is also what helped him recover from his second major seizure. So, there’s no need for you to go hungry.

As part of the Rick Ross workout and diet program, he includes instructions about how to prepare for each of the four days leading up to the diet. He describes the four days as ”the carnival,” where he eats whatever he wants and does whatever he feels like doing. Except, of course, on the fourth day, he has a light meal. After that, there’s a two-day fast followed by a week of CrossFit training.

For the diet, it’s recommended you eat no more than a single meal a day, which is actually a meal rich in carbohydrates. In order to gain weight, your metabolism needs fuel, so make sure you’re eating right. This diet doesn’t have any calories, starches, or fats involved and it’s one of the few diets endorsed by a professional rapper. For the rapper, that’s enough to get him down to 400 pounds.

The weight loss diet doesn’t stop once you reach the target weight. Instead, it’s a process to maintain your new healthy lifestyle and keep it going. If you feel you aren’t moving toward your goal, consider doing an exercise program or adding in an element of fun to your life. Keep yourself motivated with daily positive affirmations and keep your eye on the goal: living a healthier lifestyle and losing weight. Stay consistent and don’t give up.

To reach your goals and stay motivated, listen to motivational music. Sing along to your favorite rap song or look at a picture of a rapper who lives the healthy lifestyle you aspire to live. You’ll get the inspiration you need and will be able to stay on track with your weight loss goals. A hip-hop artist even wrote a whole song about his own experience of losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. If you need a little extra motivation, those lyrics can give you just the kick you need.

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