How to Lose Weight on the GM Diet Plan

The GM diet, also called the General Motors healthy food pyramid, is an infamous weight loss program, which promises people to shed up to six.8 pounds (15 pounds) within a span of just one week. In the GM diet an individual is permitted to consume certain food items or select from certain group each day. It has been said that it will teach people to make healthy food choices by controlling their desire to have fast foods. But is the GM diet really that effective? Let’s take a closer look at this diet and what it can do for your weight loss plan.

The first thing that one might wonder about is whether there are any foods that will not be digested in this diet. As it turns out, this diet does not prohibit any foods from being consumed since digestion is not its objective. However, the digestive process will be slower in its functioning. This is because most of the fruits that will be recommended to be eaten are those that have enzymes. Enzymes are the ones responsible for the proper digestion of the foods that we eat.

What is the best kind of fruits to be consumed in the GM diet? It is recommended that individuals who wish to try this diet should consume only citrus fruits in the morning as that is the time where the digestive juices produced by our body the most during the day are at its highest. Citrus fruits will help speed up the digestive functions. However, you may still be able to incorporate other fruits in your diet but make sure that they too come in the morning so that your body’s metabolic rate is triggered to start the production of enzymes. Bananas, apples, oranges and grapefruit are among the other fruits that are considered to be good breakfast food for individuals who are on the GM diet.

Another thing to remember when on the GM diet plan is to avoid consuming ”negative calorie foods”. Negative calorie foods will simply be those that contain less calories than what your body needs everyday. For instance, eating a banana that is equivalent to 50 calories would not be advisable since your body will have a hard time digesting it. Instead, eating whole wheat bread with two eggs as a source of protein would be a better choice.

Refined and processed sugars should also be avoided in the diet. They will not only add to your weight due to their high sugar levels but they can also cause several health problems. The foods that contain added sugars are those that contain dextrose, corn syrup, molasses, sucrose and fructose. You may still be able to consume them as long as they are eaten in moderation but never with whole foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Last among the tips in this article is to avoid eating too many protein-rich foods. This includes items such as steak, chicken, turkey and milk. If you’re going to include meat in your diet plan as one of your protein sources, ensure that you eat lean cuts since they contain less fat and more nutrients. On the other hand, if you’re going to eat chicken or turkey, make sure that you replace your breakfast meals with fish or chicken breast.

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