The Diet Solution With Rick Ross Weight Loss Diet

How did Rick Ross weight loss happen? Born in 1977, the hip hop and rapping artist born William Leonard Roberts III, better known to his fans as Rick Ross, soon became a worldwide sensation following the release of his very first solo album. Today, his discography contains nine albums, and he’s hoping to release the ninth soon. His music has been subject to criticism from many people, who question whether it has any substance, but that hasn’t stopped him from making more albums and signing on for more. In fact, the multi-millionaire entertainer has maintained a very active schedule of shows all over the world, even once traveling to Cuba and helping promote a cause for the Cuban people’s freedom.


A quick look through the lyrics of the songs on his various albums will reveal Ross’ struggle with the pressures of living with his overweight status. His struggle with the problem seems to reach a climax in the song ”Eulogy for the Slim One” on his 1997 album A Piece of Crime. The song’s title reflects on the rapper’s attempt to come to terms with his recently fat condition, but also touches upon his love for his children, family and wife. Through the lyrics, Ross tries to explain how he was able to continue living a full and active lifestyle with the help of his daily indulgences, while shedding a few pounds along the way.

According to medical experts, the main cause behind the seizures that are often associated with an excessive weight problem is due to high levels of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for feelings of euphoria, desire and motivation. When there is too much of this hormone in the bloodstream, the person starts to feel constantly hungry, irritable and as if walking on clouds. For someone who suffers from seizures, these symptoms can be compounded by the extra weight of the body. Therefore, it becomes imperative that a person with high amounts of dopamine should be removed from the food chain as soon as possible.

As mentioned before, Ross is not the only celebrity who suffers from the repercussions of carrying extra weight. In fact, many celebrities have been known to undergo surgeries as a way of ridding themselves of their extra weight. However, what makes Ross’ case different is that he has openly admitted to his problem and has sought help from the experts. It is this type of motivation that will get an obese person to successfully shed off the unwanted pounds. The diet solution offered by Rick Ross may not be for everyone. However, it is still hoped that if one listens to the lyrics of this rap song, one can at least understand what the singer is trying to say through his lyrics.

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