The Truth About Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Program

If you’re looking for a diet supplement with the ability to give you fast results, look no further than Rebel Wilson. She is a nutritionist and dietitian that has been used by celebrities and other professional athletes to help them find a diet regimen that works. Her weight loss program not only gives you a six-meal plan to follow, but also allows you to track your progress online. In addition to the meal plan, she gives you a variety of snacks and desserts that will keep you full so you don’t feel hungry during your workout routine. Her dietitians say that you should eat three small meals a day. They also say that you shouldn’t have a large amount of snacking or other ”empty” calories because these can make you feel unsatisfied.


Wilson started her diet program at the recommendation of her boyfriend at the time, but she found it very difficult to stick with it. With tenacity, however, she stuck to the regime and soon started to see positive results. As she started to get used to eating better, she began to lose weight. Today, she is the proud owner of two children and a good income.

Rebel Wilson offers some good advice in her book: Eat For Energy. She says you should avoid any diet plan that promises you that you will lose five pounds in a week. Even the most basic plans like the GI diet has no real scientific proof backing its claims. Instead, Wilson encourages you to start slow and to eat often. By eating several smaller meals throughout the day, you will give your metabolism a boost and help to burn calories more efficiently.

Another problem with diets based on counting calories is the fact that you are likely to feel hungry throughout the day. This can lead to binging, which is exactly what you don’t want to do when trying to lose weight. Instead, focus on nutritious foods. Choose foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins that will fill you up without making you hungry all the time.

Rebel Wilson’s weight loss program also suggests that you do not snack. The problem with this common habit is that it can actually work against you. Snacking helps to keep your blood glucose level high after a meal, which leads to an extended state of consumption of food. This prolonged consumption of food can eventually lead to gaining weight. To fight the cycle of eating too much and gaining weight, you simply have to cut back on your snacks.

However, even the best program for weight loss can fail if you don’t stick to the plan. Unfortunately, many people cannot stop their downward spiral. They may start to exercise less or stop snacking altogether. In order to ensure success, Wilson recommends that you create a daily workout schedule and a daily dietary plan. While it is difficult to completely eliminate all forms of unhealthy food, you can significantly reduce your intake of fried foods, sugar, white flour products, and other foods that rob your body of valuable nutrients.

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