Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Reviews – Does It Live Up To Expectations?

Rebel Wilson’s The Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Program is a well researched, beautifully written, entertaining book with real life examples. I’m not going to lie to you, I read the blurb on the back cover and thought ”hmm… That can’t be my program”. However, upon reading through the pages I soon realized it was. Within this program she guides you step by step to setting up your own home gym, and gives you detailed instructions on what foods to eat and when.

But what is so great about this program? Why would anyone want to do all this work and put themselves through the pain and frustration of potentially harmful programs and supplements? What about all the information that is scattered throughout the book? I didn’t even know some of it was already available online.

In my honest opinion, I would have rather had more details of the weight loss program, but it does help. It makes it easier to follow along with the program. Even if you know absolutely nothing about fitness or nutrition, it will make it far easier to set goals and to keep you motivated. It’s a great motivator to do the exercise and eat right, even if you are not seeing immediate results.

But, one major thing I didn’t like about The Rebel Wilson book is that she makes weight loss seem as though it is easy. It sounds good because in her own words, she lost weight fast and easily. She even claims that the program has magical ingredients that will help you lose weight instantly, and without much effort. However, if we dig a little deeper into her program, we find out that it isn’t that simple at all.

She makes you think that you can lose weight through her program without lifting a finger. It’s almost like she has some sort of magic secret ingredient or formula that when applied will turn your body into a fat burning machine. You know all those weight loss pills that don’t work? Those are the ones where the ingredient is supposed to be a magic button that will allow you to lose weight instantly and keep it off for ever.

This is definitely not the case with The Rebel Wilson program. Her weight loss program does help you lose weight by strengthening your core. It also helps you burn fat through a complex low carb diet. But, it doesn’t seem to do much else. The reason for this is that most people who want to lose weight only focus on one area of their body (i.e your stomach). But, if you increase your metabolism throughout the whole body, then you can burn calories more efficiently and naturally.

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