Two Elegant Keto Drinks From Starbucks

Is it possible to get Starbucks Keto Drinks at the same place I get my coffee? For most people, the answer is yes. That being said, there are some things you should take into consideration before visiting the place you often grab a seat and get your caffeine fix in. It’s important to not only make sure they have what you want, but also to understand some of the things they put into their drinks.

Before you go to Starbucks to order keton-friendly drinks, know that you’ll probably be doing quite a bit of messy carb consumption. While that is a given at any store, if you’re going to order a product from a nationwide chain, know that the carbs you’ll be consuming our baked goods. Starbucks does offer a cafeteria-type menu, but it’s limited to baked products and condiments. So, if you’re going with a Starbucks menu, make sure to budget your carbs accordingly. Most likely, a regular latte will be a little less carb-intensive than one of these Starbucks meals, so stick with that if you’re dieting.

If you’re already at Starbucks, ask the barista what diet items they can help you with. While they should be able to offer suggestions, your best bet is to look them up on the internet and read the food nutrition facts. In most cases, if it mentions calories, count those in. If it doesn’t, ask if you can substitute something lower in carbs (such as a sugar-free or low-calorie white drink keto) for that white drink. Also, ask about adding low or no-calorie milk or soy milk to your order. The baristas may not be able to give you nutritional information for individual beverages, but many of them are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Another option is a cold brew, which is Starbucks’ take on the traditional cappuccino. While it still has all the same ingredients–carbs, milk, cream, etc. –the drink is made with just cold water, so it’s technically not a ”cappuccino.” Cold brew lattes are also known for being highly customizable, allowing people to make any special combination of drinks they like. For example, some people may enjoy a chocolate drink while another may want a sweeter coffee beverage. By choosing a special combination of espresso, tea, or chocolate in the form of a ”keto drink,” you can truly have your pick of what you want.

Another option is ordering a basic Starbucks regular espresso and mixing it with a glass of your favorite iced coffee. This option provides a healthy dose of carbs, since the coffee is essentially just hot water, plus any sugar you prefer. This is particularly good if you’re having a dinner party with people who don’t care for extra carbohydrates, since a traditional espresso shake would likely be a dusting of sugar and cream topping your meal. If you’re going to be ordering this particular Starbucks Keto Drink, be sure to check their calories and fat content.

The bottom line is that these are two very tasty options that Starbucks offers for their customers. If you’re someone who enjoys iced drinks and wants to make a switch from regular coffee to iced drinks, they have two options that work well for you. Either order a basic keto-friendly drinks menu (which includes mochas, teas, and lattes) or try one of the Starbucks Keto Espresso Shots. Both have carbs and calories, but the difference is that you get to decide what you want as part of the beverage. Whether you like the traditional Starbucks coffee beverage or you like to spice it up with some iced tea, the choice is yours.

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