The Benefits of the GM Diet Plan

The GM diet, better known as the General Motors healthy diet, is an established weight loss program, which promises people to shed up to 6.8 lbs (15 pounds) within a span of a week. In the GM diet a person is permitted to consume certain foods or select from certain food categories every single day. These diets were created by an expert, who studied and tried the different eating habits of people from different age ranges and other backgrounds. The meals and snacks are to be selected with care so that the right variety is provided to help you get rid of unwanted fats. This diet has a simple menu structure, which does not have any complicated nutritional values. The program does not promise drastic results but promises reasonable ones.


A lot of people have managed to achieve their target weight by following the guidelines given in the diet. If you wish to know how to lose weight with this diet plan, then the first thing that you need to do is to set your personal goal. The number of pounds you want to lose per week should be decided, and you should work out a way to achieve your desired weight for an entire week. To help you in this exercise, you can use the Weight Watchers system or you can use a diet journal. Once you have decided on your target weight, you can start the GM diet by making a list of all the food categories that you can and cannot eat in a day.

You can look at your list and see whether the items on it are calorie rich or low in calories, and accordingly you can work out how many calories you have to burn through these foods. By choosing food items, which are low in calories, you can make your daily calorie intake small, and hence, you will be able to control your food intake. When it comes to counting calories in the GM diet plan, you will find that the cottage cheese is considered to be low in calories and hence you can eat as much of this as you wish. However, the disadvantage of this diet plan is that there are only limited types of foods that you can eat in each category.

The second category of food items on which you will have to work out for your target weight in the GM diet plan are the soup and the pudding. In the soup category, you will find that you have to choose among the soup from the list of the soup that is provided, like the chicken noodle soup, beef and mushroom soup, chicken bouillon, mushroom gravy and others. There are also the ”pea and rice” soup category. The PM 2.5 cup of soup is considered to be the high calorie food, which you should avoid, as it contains more than the PM 2.5 cup of soup.

For your evening snack, the options are infinite, since there are so many different kinds of meat available in the market these days. For example, the lunch consists of a sausage roll, whole wheat sandwich with tomato sauce and salami, chicken fajitas with grilled chicken and beef, and pork chops. However, if you are having problems choosing between meats, you can ask for the suggestions of your nutritionist at the store. Again, you should follow the instructions of the nutritionist at the store for the PM 2.5 cups of soup and the other food items.

As far as the carbohydrates are concerned in the GM diet plan, you can have up to twelve glasses of water. However, you should ensure that the kind of grain that you use is the whole grain one, like wheat or maize. This is because the whole grain grains like wheat and maize give better feeling when you chew them. The best option is to use brown rice as your grains, since it is the healthier kind. Brown rice is also available in the market at affordable prices, and it helps you to achieve your goal of losing weight with the GM diet plan.

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