How to Eat Healthy & Still Save Money

When you start out on a meal plan for weight loss it can be overwhelming. Making a meal plan tailored for your individual preferences and lifestyle is the best way to save time and money. Making a meal plan for weight loss can be as easy as going online and doing a search. Or maybe you prefer to cook for yourself, so the meal plan is more tailored to you. Either way is fine. You are the one who has to stick to the plan!


With the variety of recipe sites available and thousands of recipes waiting for you to try, the hardest part about meal planning can be deciding which recipes to eat. But once you do start eating healthy, your cravings will disappear. And that alone can be a great start for staying on track. And once you get into eating healthier, all the sudden those monthly grocery bill savings start to add up!

If meal planning is new to you, there is plenty of help available. If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of recipes out there and don’t know where to start, visit a cookbook store and purchase a few cookbooks. Most cookbooks will have a large section devoted to healthy recipes. If you are not a fan of cooking, this is an excellent place to start learning about healthy eating. A good cookbook is also a great supplement to your regular kitchen cabinet of cookware and ingredients.

After your purchase of a few books, try a meal trial. The dining set you like at the restaurant may be a dud in your house so try different combinations at home. Keep in mind that it is usually best to eat several smaller meals rather than having three large meals. The smaller meals take less time and add more variety to your diet.

You can also try grocery lists found at drug stores or discount stores. Grocery lists are not that effective as meal plans, but they will save you some time. Most drug stores and discount stores have at least a few choices. If you are really pressed for time, ask your friends or family members for suggestions.

Once you have selected a few meal ideas, check your grocery list. Many grocery stores now include a meal plan option on their web pages. If you can not find a list at your local store, many will email one to you. Simply print the meal plans and add any extra items to the list. Then sit down and eat a meal that you like! There is no reason to feel deprived when you eat healthy and nutritious food.

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